Posted by: Andy | March 3, 2008

super-easy chicken

So one night we needed something to make, had some chicken, and I really didn’t want to put much effort into it. So I dug around on, searching I think for “simple chicken”, and wound up with this. It’s amazingly good, especially for something with only 2 (3 if you count the I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Butter – the real stuff) seasonings + chicken.

I make it a tiny bit different – I melt all the butter in a cup before hand, pour that in the dish, then some seasoning in there, slosh the chicken around in that, then put some more seasoning on top of the meat itself.

Anyway: quick, easy, good.



  1. …Josh made sloppy joes last night.

    Send paramedics.

  2. do you really have to cook it for over an hour? that seems a bit long….

  3. Easy chicken = unseasoned chicken breasts, can of cream of chicken, half can of milk, saucepan. Saute. Done. Serve over rice with vegetable of choice (which can actually be put in the same saucepan if it’s something good like broccoli).

  4. meg: Hey I just do what the recipe says! It does seem to require that kind of cooking though, as it’s not terrifically burned when done.

    bethany: sounds about the same level of difficulty.

  5. Andy: no it doesn’t.

  6. bethany & andy: bethany’s right

  7. andy: HAH!

  8. oh I suppose I can be a gracious loser. For now!

  9. Teach that lesson to the Clinton brood.

  10. What are you talking about? She’s never wrong, only wronged!

    PS: Props for bringing cooking chicken back around to politics! WIN!

  11. *amid flashing lights and microphones* Thanks, Coach! It felt really natural! I’m just glad I could help and give 110%!


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