Posted by: Andy | March 4, 2008

Rest in Peace, Gary

If you’re a geek, I’m sure you know by now that Gary Gygax passed today (wow, trying to figure out if the joke was a cheap shot or not; it does seem kind of tasteless for a periodical and not a blog post or comment though…) If you’re not a geek you probably won’t care. But if you are…he is/was pretty damn influential. Even if you never liked D&D – if you played a single MMO, RPG, etc. – they all owe something to D&D.

Thanks Gary. Happy trails & whatnot wherever you are.



  1. Happy trails & whatnot wherever you are.

    He’s dead, didn’t you hear?

  2. He must have had his backup set of dice. Failed to save on Constitution obviously.


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