Posted by: Andy | March 11, 2008

ethanol & Clinton (unrelated)

I’ve mentioned before (maybe not here??) how much of a crock I think the whole ethanol thing is.  The fact that Bush is pushing it so hard should make it really obvious that something is fishy.   No, seriously I’m not just being petty.  Think about it.  Bush.  Pushing an environmental policy.  Does that seem normal to you?  Me neither.

Anyway, most people who have seriously looked into the lit. about alternative fuels are fairly aware of how silly the ethanol thing is, but it’s nice to see the some mainstream media taking notice.  See some nice mention in a recent Boston Globe article here.  That’s a nice intro.

Oh, and did you see the bit about Sinbad and Clinton?  Sorry, no links, but I’m sure it will google well.  Evidently he was on that tour of Bosnia or whatever with her, the one she uses as a reason as to why she is the right candidate to deal with answering the red phone (or pushing the red button, whatever) in the middle of the night.  Sinbad.  And some singer too I guess, I forget who.  So it obviously wasn’t that serious if they sent fucking Sinbad.  Seriously.

Here‘s a Chicago Tribune article about her “leadership experience”.  Nice quote:

Pressed in a CNN interview this week for specific examples of foreign policy experience that has prepared her for an international crisis, Clinton claimed that she “helped to bring peace” to Northern Ireland and negotiated with Macedonia to open up its border to refugees from Kosovo. She also cited “standing up” to the Chinese government on women’s rights and a one-day visit she made to Bosnia following the Dayton peace accords.

Oh, but wait,  one of the Irish ministers from that period in time is saying that’s “a wee bit silly”  and

I don’t know there was much she did apart from accompanying Bill (Clinton) going around… being a cheerleader for something is slightly different from being a principal player.
Ooo.  It stings don’t it.


  1. Thank you. Thank. You. How long was she gonna talk about her experience somehow outdoing anybody else’s just because she was the freakin’ first lady!!


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