Posted by: Andy | March 12, 2008

City of Heroes/Villians issue 12 teaser info is out

See here for more info. (Is that Teddy Roosevelt on the right? Several posters on the official boards also suggested this…that would actually be kind of cool.)

Boy was getting purchased by NCSoft the best thing to happen to that franchise! The last issue was awesome, and this one looks to be even better by an order of magnitude.

I’m not particularly big on the Roman theme, but the new costumes look great – great in the sense that they are user newer, nicer textures for them. Wow are they shiny!

The unlockable villain archetypes (complete with custom costumes!) look awesome. I can’t wait until they release the powers lists for these, and I’m harboring a not-so secret hope that they both have at least one minion type power…

The cross-game power spreading is also very cool. So far all thats confirmed is:

*psychic blast primary for blasters  – I hope it’s a mix of the defender & dominator secondary, not just a port of the defender one, but I suspect it’s the latter.   Either way it should be lots of fun.  I suspect some modification of the d dominator psychic assault so there is a matching secondary.  But if all they are doing is porting existing sets, that’s out…so so much for a matching psi blaster
*storm summoning secondary for corruptors – I’m looking forward to this one – I’ve had an urge to play a storm defender for a few months now, but couldn’t bring myself to do it due to their horrid dps.  Since I mostly solo due to limited play time & being on call for baby wake-ups at night, I need a character that can solo well and doesn’t require a team to shine.  So some kind of /storm corruptor would work pretty well.  Hopefully elec/ is the primary they get because that just works well with /storm thematically and playwise.  Not to mention I actually have an idea for a Roman-themed character that would work here 🙂 :).
*plant control for controllers  – don’t care so much here, already done a plant/ dom to 40
*axe/mace primary for brutes. I’ve been waiting a long time for a mace/ brute…*cackle* Now what to pair it with…probably /WP for the laziness win, but possibly /fire for the dmg aura (I’ve already done /dark and /elec).

We’re finally getting some customizable UI stuff! Boy is that overdue – the UI is one thing in this game that definitely looks dated, and can be difficult to get used to for someone used to more advanced versions in other games. Draggable & reshapeable power trays will be very useful. The contact UI update is also more than overdue.

Can’t wait till the beta test! I didn’t get into the I11 one though, so I’ll probably get locked out of this one as well. Oh well, not like I have that much time to game anyway.



  1. What the fuck are you talking about?

  2. geeky shit man, click the link.
    ’tis a game, yo.

  3. Duh, but come on:

    “psychic blast primary for blasters”

    There’s no way I could figure out what you are talking about.

    Post about Oblivion or something.

  4. I don’t wanna feel left out.

    I made a hero on that game once. At Andy’s house.

  5. I am ALL about the axe/mace primary for brutes!!! It makes them smell GOOOOOD.


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