Posted by: Andy | March 15, 2008

Clinton: Democrats can’t win Utah, North Dakota, Alaska – so why should we care about their primaries?

I think I typed this up the other day, so it may not be uber current and whatnot, but anyway, some random thoughts.

So there’s an audio interview with the aspirant president Clinton on NPR here that I was originally pointed to by Andrew Sullivan’s blog here. (It’s not very long). I was struck by at least one thing, at one point she says:

…unless there’s a sea change in American politics, we’re not going to carry Utah, North Dakota, Alaska.

First off, I love how’s she’s just content to play politics as usual. I mean we all know she’s the “business as usual” candidate, but man does she make it obvious. I love how Republicans & Clinton-backers like to bash Obama for the whole hope and change schtick but man is it depressing to see Clinton just content to not even bother with a state just because Democrats have never won there before.

So, my natural curiosity kicked in and I found some numbers. Here are the primary/caucus turnouts for the states in question:

Utah: Republican : 284k, John McCain 15,000. Democrat : 124k
North Dakota: Republican: 9743, McCain: 2224, Democrat: 19012
Alaska: Republican: 11,260, McCain: 1,804, Democrat: 8880

Huh. You know, I really have no idea how indicative primary results are of final turn outs, but it sure looks like Democrats could carry the fuck out of North Dakota this year. Alaska looks pretty close too. It’s also interesting to note that Reps in all 3 states are not big fans of McCain, and could possibly be wooed. That or they might just sit this year out if they really can’t stand him. So, basically what I’m saying is that in addition to being a lame ass for towing the line, she’s also full of shit, because those states look winnable to me. But what do I know?
Hillary claims to be a “change candidate” when obviously she is not; she could care less about winning new states for the Dems and/or getting new voters out in those states – she just wants to win the states they always win. Si-muthafucking-gh. So inspiring, really. No wonder she’s so down on Barack for inspiring people – she’ s jealous.

So yeah…lameness in general.



  1. Plus she’s pretty unattractive. So.

  2. She’s an idiot and this is just one more thing that erks me about her. i’m gunna repeat something i stated before…a McCain/Clinton race means I’m not voting.


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