Posted by: Andy | March 16, 2008

great band you might not have heard #2: The Crush

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02. The Making of IncredibleLike #1, these guys are also now defunct, and also managed to get out 2 discs. What is it about that soph->junior slump? The second album is much stronger than the first, although I think the first is pretty good too – it just lacks some individuality on a per-song basis.

I first heard them covering a Lifter Puller track when I was trying to find Lifter Puller stuff – so I’ve included that cover (Mission Viejo) as a bonus 3rd track.

They are a part of the same scene that spawned The Replacements, Lifter Puller & Dillinger 5 – the Minneapolis/Twin Cities thing I guess.
01. Here Is Where I Cross My Fingers (Summer Song)It was a pain in the ass to find the cds. Actually, it was a pain in the ass for me to find that the cds even existed. There are several versions of the Crush listed on allmusic, and the correct one doesn’t even have a bio or the first CD listed in the discography. I did find this interview with the band – that was the first thing I could find (and the only one for a while). There are some other scattered mentions out there, but tough to find.

11. Mission ViejoI really like the singer’s voice for some reason.
He does have a new project: The Evening Rig. Note to self: order their cd.



  1. I like it when you say Crush. And Chicken.


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