Posted by: Andy | March 17, 2008

Book Review: Foundation

by: Isaac Asimov

Another happy memory on my ‘re-read-my-late-teens’ book tour.

Of course, this one didn’t stand up as well to the test of time as the Saberhagen ones did…

But all it all I found it enjoyable – much more so than Prelude to Foundation.  The plot moved along fast enough, and does a decent job of making this universe  interesting.  Of course, having read Prelude, I have to wonder how Hari got so badass about predicting  in only 30?? years…of course I’m reading Forward the Foundation next (the other prequel, between Prelude & Foundation), so maybe that one will actually tell the reader how this came to pass.   We shall see.

I noticed one semi-glaring contraction/logical issue this time around though – supposedly psychohistory is just based on psychology of the masses, yet somehow in each of the illustrated cases it took a special individual to pass the crisis.

My guess is that it wasn’t meant this way, but was instead being angled that they were just ordinary individuals who happened to fall into a particular place in history that someone else would have filled if they hadn’t. But it doesn’t quite read that way to me – perhaps in order to make it more interesting than just “person x swept up in the flow of history” he had to liven up the characters a bit, thus weakening the apparent strength of psychohistorical predictions.

Or I could just be being a geek. Well, I’m sure of the second one at least.




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