Posted by: Andy | March 19, 2008

i love being sick

No really, it’s awesome.

And poor Zainy is sick too, and now mommy is getting sick too. It’s a never-ending cycle!  I have to wonder if it would be like this as well in….warmer locales.  California, for instance.  But there’s not much we can do about that (no we can’t move back!).

So, in the mean time we will just continue to learn how to be troopers – I feel so bad for Jen – she hasn’t had a good night of sleep in 9 months!  Z wakes her up a couple times a night to feed, and sometimes he just wakes up and plays. Of course I get woken up too, but not as often, so she’s got more strain on the brain.

The trials are good for us, or at least I hope they are.  Nerves definitely wear thin, but I like to think we are growing through it.  It will certainly be interesting when we add kid #2 and possibly #3 to the mix.

Jen has mentioned not feeling like the same person that she was (physically and mentally) and I empathize – I haven’t felt smart or “on top of things” since the baby came.  We’re walking wounded the majority of the time it seems.  Luckily that seems to entertain Z.

I have to wonder who we’ll be 5 years down the road.  Hopefully just as in love as we are now, and hopefully sleeping better.



  1. Fun = your child becoming really clever. This juxtaposes well against what I like to call preg-onset retardation.

  2. If that weren’t obvious enough, I’m referring to the dumbening parents go through as baking a bun in the oven devours their brain cells. “Wait, that’s not how you spell dumbening…. waaait, dumbening’s not a word!”

  3. I’m glad we got to get in some sleep the past couple of days. Hopefully Z continues to sleep through the night! Lovin’ you.

  4. I got some thanks to you watching him more than usual. You rock.

  5. Hey, you two! Closed doors!

  6. What’s this about moving back to California?

  7. I wish. If I could find somewhere that would pay me a mint…


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