Posted by: Andy | March 22, 2008

book review: Forward the Foundation

by: Isaac Asimov

I guess this was the last Foundation book he wrote before he passed; there’s some mumbo-jumbo about it being the summation of his life’s work.

Anyway, Hari (from Prelude) continues to be annoying and unlikeable, and not particularly “genius-like”.  Oh, there’s also a section where Dors goes barging around “Bailey-style” and asking questions until she makes a leap of logic (the wrong one) that gets her killed.  Which is interesting, because I thought robots couldn’t make those leaps?

I guess if it was the author’s intent to show that Hari was really just a normal schmoe, caught up in the machinations of history himself, that might have sorta worked.  I find it interesting that the Plan’s final salvation was such a deux ex vir (Ok I know that is probably wrong, but ‘vir’ is supposedly Latin for “man”, and I never studied Latin, so make of it what you will!  It probably needs to be inflected somehow, but again I know nothing about Latin case markings and the like).

If you’re a Foundation completist, you will read this – and that’s the kind of reader this works for.  Me, I’m sort of a completist, but in general I hate preludes.  Why?  Because we already know how the story ends.  Seriously, I know the journey to getting there might be exciting and all, but I don’t fucking care if I already know how it ends.  The main use of prequels (to me) is to insert stuff into a setting’s history that wasn’t mentioned before, but will be in a forthcoming book.  This works well in comics.  Not so much in literature IMHO.

TWO & 3/4 STARS (better than Prelude, but not much)



  1. i don’t know nothin about the Foundation or Prelude or what not, but i’m just going to mention that Orson Scott Card knows how to do preludes….i just believe in Ender.

  2. I’ve seen those ones he’s written, they just haven’t interested me.

    But maybe someday….

  3. what!?! i’m shocked. at least give one a try…come on..come on..come on…


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