Posted by: Andy | March 25, 2008

book review: Master of the Five Magics

by: Lyndon Hardy

Another book saved from the locked vault of memory by a bulk book emailing from my dad, and a great one at that.

This is not a master’s fantasy like those of Jordan or Martin, or even an advanced fantasy like Saberhagen’s later work, but it is still excellent fantasy.

You know how I know I like a book? (Other than just deciding I like it). When I finish, I have a rush of energy, and the urge to write someday myself. ie I am physically/emotionally “inspired” in some way or another. Of course, there is also the opposite – where a book is so bad in some way that I am “know” I can do better and am “inspired” to write in that manner (see: Laura K. Hamilton…). But this of course is not one of those cases, I finished, and felt a nice warm-fuzzy feeling. So good book.

I didn’t give it four stars though because there are lots of little things you could pick at – predictability of plot, not enough spent on the various types of magic, simple “hero’s journey” nature of the plot (although it did have an excellent non-standard fantasy hero journey ending), etc.


I should add at this point maybe, that any book with 3 stars is worth buying, by my rating system. 4 is a must buy, 5 is on my list of favorite books of all time. 2 stars is worth reading, 1 star is something of interest, 0 stars is author-should-be-flogged (like all these people who keep faking shit, like that white chick who pretended to be a gangbanging half-native).



  1. I bought one of those collected works of Robert E. Howard and have been enjoying some intense Conan action. I suggest you follow the Cimmerians short-story adventures.

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