Posted by: Andy | March 25, 2008

Sudafed dreams

I’ve had crazy dreams the last two nights, partially because I’m sick I’m sure, but I’m thinking the Sudafed must have helped, because I’ve had that in particular on those two nights.

So last night, the first one starts off with me being a “big brother” type to this South American kid without a dad who’s enrolling in this special like “gifted” ESL school.  I help him with his speeches and stuff.  I remember that he pissed the other kids off because in his intro speech he said he spoke English without an accent (which he did), but then the other kids teased him (they had pretty thick accents and no desire to get rid of them) and made him speak in Spanish, and then teased him again when his Spanish had that Spain “th” thing.

Second one was much more in depth. In craziness.  Like Pleasantville-meets-Matrix-meets-Mallworld.  It started with my job being transferred into this giant building thing, so I had to move into this crazy apartment.  First off, the apartment (in a giant brick building) was like a rabbit warren, with hallways at weird angles and rooms in strange places – like it didn’t occupy a normal block of space but instead its space intertwined with other apartments, if that makes sense.  The dining area looked out on this HUGE dining room of a ritzy restaurant, with a giant aquarium wall on the other side – like at least 20 stories high – you could see other dining rooms all along the walls.

Then the place where I worked with this ginormous building, like it was so big there was a huge scrapyard inside it (which I got lost in) in which you could barely see the ceiling, and there were cranes and big machines trashing shit left and right.  Eventually I found someone to show me how to take this weird bus thing (which was near a racing strip for these chainsaw-tank-dunebuggy things that evidently people did on their lunchbreaks) that would take me to my section – C4 (the “computer section”).

Unfortunately, jobs here all consisted of the most idiotic things you could think of.  Some people rode the same amusement park rides (carousel, etc.) all day. Mine in particular involved sitting at this bar, and then grabbing things the person in the bartender position would throw into this  recessed counter which had a conveyor belt on it.  Like he’d throw nickels in there and I was supposed to grab them, but it was OK if I didn’t, because all that mattered was that I was at work.

Most of the people who worked in this place were born into it.  Like their parents were pre-selected and ordered to make a child and all that, no one had sex for fun or even knew what that was.  People weren’t stupid, they just didn’t know anything.  They were inside this giant pre-built economy whose only purpose was consumption – these people worked these idiotic jobs to buy things from people working other idiotic jobs I guess.  It was all very weird.



  1. That second dream is “We”, “Ender’s Game”, and every other sci-fi you’ve read all rolled together. Haha. Sounds like an awesome one though; I love the ones with hella detail.

  2. What is “We”? It sounds familiar but I’m getting nothing.

    And I saw no child warriors! mostly reminded me of some really weird commentary on capitalism.

    It was pretty crazy; I can still see some of the visuals. The apartment was particularly trippy, because it was functional, just insane.

  3. “We” by Yevgeny Zamyatin (pretty sure that’s spelled correctly). It’s what 1984 and all that ish is ripped from. With predetermined occupations and scheduled procreation. It’s awesome though. Loved it.

  4. Oh my God, that second dream is the best I have ever heard.

    It’s like Brazil directed by Tyler Durden.

  5. re: B: Hmm, I haven’t heard of “We”, guess I’m just not cool enough.

    re: J: Wow, high praise coming from you!

    I wish I could plug my brain into a printer, some of the visuals were epic.

  6. I can imagine. I think it is the combination of the rote drudgery and the fantastic setting that really clinch the concept as a whole. I would like to see it developed into a story, I think you should do it.

    Kind of reminds me of some of the descriptive visuals in The Demolished Man by Bester, and conceptually of course, Brave New World.

  7. Can I reiterate again that you should read “We”… since it predates all of the above. And yes, is cooler than you.

  8. re: J: Hmm, I hadn’t seriously thought about it, I’ll have to see if I can find a character hook to move through it.

    Believe it or not, I’m already working on a book right now, I’m trying to have it finished by the time I’m 30, but things aren’t looking so bright yet…I’ve got ideas for a few more lined up, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to make some notes about this as well.

    I was thinking the other day that it might be a sufficient life to live out my dreams through my own fiction as a way to escape the monotonous bits of life, then that might allow me to be more content with the rest.

    Re: B: Ok, I’ll check it and try to find if and throw it on my stack if it looks decent. It better be much better than “We the Living”!

  9. How the hell have you never heard of Yevgeny Zamyatin?!? Also, it’s strange the language you use to describe that you’re writing/the possibility of making one’s livelihood thus… and how it’s all on the d.l. Oh, Sandy Pants.

  10. Oh I didn’t say anything about livelihood. I have no illusions about ease of publishability. I’m talking from a mental standpoint. Just doing things to do them without hope of monetary reward.

  11. Well, though I am writer by birth and not by recognition, I still agree with James Jones that “writing without publishing is like chewing without swallowing”. Of course, I’m only talking to a certain audience. Because I dichotomize. Let’s say artist vs. writer.

  12. “I am writer”. I. Am. Job.

  13. A: Good luck with that coping mechanism. i have long been trying to work that out in photography. Would I be happy creating for myself, for the sake of creation?

    I think the answer is yes, but I can’t say for sure. My creative drive is largely for self improvement, but once I am happy with my artistic vision, I don’t know if the experience of creation would satisfy. Once I get there, I’ll let you know.


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