Posted by: Andy | March 28, 2008

Why does “yes to all” not mean exactly what it says?

You know one thing I really hate about Windows?

When you’re doing a giant file copy, and there are several files mixed in that have attributes that set off the “are you sure you want to copy this?” pop-up.   And you hit “Yes to all” that first time, assuming it will be the only time you have to hit a button.  But lo, and behold my children, for that “yes to all” apparently only applies to the current folder you are copying, or something (I never bothered to figure out the specifics) not the entire file copy, like it should.  So you wind up hitting “yes to all” once for every sub-directory (or whatever) that contains a trigger file.

That really annoys me.



  1. Maybe you should get a Mac.

  2. Yeah…..I like my right mouse button (I know, I know you can buy an extra mouse these days, but it’s the principle of the thing!).
    And I like all my games working without having to install a bootloader/vm/emulator for Windows.
    And I like building my own machines and paying 1/3-1/2 of what Mac users pay.

    I had this conversation with someone recently where I said that if Macs cost about 1/2 of what they do, they might be worth it, and I would get a macbook to use as a web browser/typewriter. Because they work pretty well for those things. 😉

    The whole Mac cult vibe weirds me out. I laugh loudly and frequently at people who paid 800 for an iPhone. The iPhone is one of the biggest ripoffs of all time (cellphone wise). It’s the first phone to ever NOT come at a discount when you purchase it with a plan (not that you can purchase it without one). I really hope they don’t set a horrid precedent for the rest of the cell phone market.

    Rant aside, I’m not a Mac *hater*, but I’m immune to the hype I guess. I just don’t have a use for their products.

    Sure, the iPod variants look & function well, but as long as they are tied to proprietary software (iTunes) – fuck it. Maybe there’s a way to hack it to play with Windows Explorer or something? Probably not worth my time.

  3. Well, I won’t bother with a point-by-point discussion, but on the Mac when you click the button that says “Replace All” or whatever, it really does it.

  4. And there were plenty of phones back in the day that didn’t discount with a plan. It was mass-market success that made discounting necessary.

  5. Back in the day yes, but not now. When it was released, it was the only one. The standard business model now is 2 year plan (1 year if corp for some companies) + discount or free. Mac is making a killing, it’s smart business.

    I just won’t give them my money. Well, that and like I said I’m not that into their products at the price points they have set.

    Well, replace all works, this is for moving/coping files.

    I guess a matching test on Mac (which probably does work, since it runs of Unix now doesn’t it?) would be:

    1) copy a folder with 20+ subfolders & 200+ files. make sure there are hidden & read-only files present.
    2) rename the copied folder
    3) go into the original folder, select call, copy those into the renamed folder – it *should* replace everything.

    On a windows machine it will ask you multiple times if you want to move such and such file, I think it’s read only files, but I need to double check. The “yes to all” apparently only applies to all files in that subdirectory or something.


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