Posted by: Andy | March 29, 2008

I like to mix gum

Lately it’s Big Red + generic flavor Bubble Tape.  Before that it was bubble-yum + fake-sugarified Orbitz.

When the flavor from the first has just about faded, I throw in the second, for a mouthful of return.

It helps if gum #1 is a great bubble blowing gum, and gum #2 is a long lasting and/or strong flavored gum.

Gum keeps me awake while I’m driving. I guess it’s all the mouth exertion. Or something.



  1. makes sense. They say sunflower seeds are a good keep you awake when driving technique. But I like the mixing gum idea better…kisses when you arrive home are sweeter that way….not that I have personal experience or anything.


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