Posted by: Andy | April 1, 2008

stuff I don’t like #3: people who don’t pick up their dog shit

Seriously.  What the hell is wrong with these people.

They were especially bad in LA, but there are plenty of them here as well.   I love people who have giant dogs in small apartments/condos/other things with no yard/etc.  They largely fall into the group under discussion.

I had an idea about starting a website that just posts pictures of people who don’t clean up after their dogs.  I may still do that someday, if I ever get really motivated, and have the kind of time required to sit around with a camera catching these things.

In conclusion: If you take your dog for a walk, PICK UP THE SHIT!  Also, if you don’t have one, you really should consider moving to someplace with a yard, or giving your dog to someone with a yard.



  1. There is a book I recently saw of some New Yorkers who go around and make art pieces of the shits left behind. Then, people really notice where it’s there.

    Good stuff…full set-design scenes where they must have spent some money making them.

    A little disgusting, yes. Hilarious and fantastic as well though.

    I wish I could remember the name. You kind of have to see it to enjoy. I saw it at the B-Side, and they may still have it.

  2. Thank you for reminding me that my beloved Phineas is in and shall for another year be in foster care. 😦 AND THAT HE GOT HURT WHEN WE VISITED LAST WEEKEND!

  3. Hmm shit-art. That definitely sounds like New York! Like that guy who who piss on people/things and whip them with leather? Can’t remember his name, but some famous “artist”. Maplethorpe??

    Hmm, did you not clean up after Phineas? Is that why this reminds you? Are you one of THEM!?

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  5. No, you said “consider giving them to someone with a yard”…. 😦 And my puppy lives with Auntie Annie because we can’t have him with us. Stupid Mountain Lion refuge.

  6. @Andy,

    I think the main point is to over-dramatize the fact that it is being left there…can’t be ignored after they are done basically…but it is actually interesting as well

  7. Maybe if they got a picture of the offender mixed in there…I think shame is, unfortunately, the main way to deal with dumb shit like this.

    If you find a link for that stuff let me know, I’ll at least check it out…although maybe not after eating.

  8. also just as disgusting, people who leave dirty diapers laying around in parking lots. Oh and those disgusting pigs that pee in bottles on long driving trips and then leave the bottles on the side of the road.

  9. You know, I’ve never experienced either of those, but they are both really nasty.

    I did see a special on tv at one point though with truckers defending their “right” to use the bottles though. I think.

  10. Dog Diapers.

    it’s a money making genius idea. think about it.

  11. But then people wouldn’t get the satisfaction of watching their dog shit in people’s yard and leaving it there!!

    That’s right up there with my build-a-burger idea. We need to get some venture capitalists in on this…

  12. This is too hard not to join!

    You should travel outside of your rural, massively spacious towns and cities into european, highly dense populations; into places like Paris, where statistically, if I remember correctly, seven or so people a day are hospitalized from slipping if not sliding in or over doggy-d! Its funny, because you guys just look and get pissed, talk about it maybe… and probably hold up this standard by which others are to conform if they are not held as stupid and all things unmannered…this and dumb again.
    But here in paris, one really learns to just step around it and from there out focus on better things than how irritating piles of shite may or may not be. If there will always be apartments, cities, dogs and jerk faces, the unmannered and then the stupidly so… I would be willing to bet that there will probably always be shit.
    I have even devised my own thoughts on the subject, as I somewhat give way to blabbering, which are that in european cities, one often runs into the risk, or more plainly, into the shit of birds. Runs into the risk, or worse still, into falling pots or any variety of house items–and this is on a sunny day! Hence, by trying to step around dog shit, you might be shat on!
    Too, in big European cities, whilst one walks, we do so with the mind-challenging, ‘patience breaking or making’ traffic that says, move or be moved! In the beginning, quite like all the wonderful shades and smells of those hot-dog-shapes of shit… we are moved and, more so, often in the rudest and most physical of ways. We would like to, if necessary, just say excuse me. Might I pass? However, as living becomes lives, we learn that many europeaners simply will not move!–unless you run into them. And so, we have this melange of mad or unnattentive people who, dont give a shit, dont clean their shit, and will nearly inevitably run into shit. ( interpret at will )
    ( depending on how much you walk and what quartiers )
    So the next time you see the New York master pieces, as this is seemingly turning into something pithy, thinking that a kind of doggy bag should be concocted, that some guy or prisoner should be employed to bounce around while taking care of the necessary…
    just remember my poopy words, and how necessary our search is for a super, duper, superb puper-scooper!

    from the dirty caryatids of paris,

  13. Wow, that’s quite a comment for dog shit! I suspect I should reply.

    Unfortunately, I cannot at all empathize with your position (although I wish I could!) because I have been forever locked to the North American landmass. Sad, I know. Unfortunately, plane tickets to those crazy Euro-countries are fucking expensive!! But we plan to go before tooooo long.

    I have heard many rumors/stories about how dirty certain European cities are (especially Paris), and have no desire to experience that particular aspect, but I suppose I should if I’m in the area ;).

    I find your comments about the lack of manners there interesting, and I wonder if it could be attributed to the cultural atrophying (no idea how to spell that) of social graces – I mean, Euro culture has got at least 1500 years on us right? Probably more but I’m not exactly an expert on Euro history (sorry if I’m offending you by generalizing a whole landmass – I’m just using it to refer to that big mishmash I haven’t visited yet 😉 ).

    I have also never seen New York – locked to the west coast in general so far. Seen LA/SF/Portland/Seattle. That’s it for big cities for me. Oh wait, and Phoenix & whatever that big city in Idaho is…but I don’t think the Idaho one counts and Phoenix is really mellow.

    So, while I’m definitely thankful we don’t suffer the shit that you do, I’d prefer if our own shit-uation doesn’t get any worse/grow to resemble yours anymore.

    Gotta teach people before they get any lazier!

    (And thanks for tuning in to my little corner of the world).


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