Posted by: Andy | April 4, 2008

book review: Second Foundation

by: Isaac Asimov

OK, this one I liked a little more. Not because any of the characters are more interesting (although they, and their schemes were at least moderately interesting) but (I think) because of how Asimov showed the action from both sides.

He’s also provided an interesting situation in that, now that we (supposedly) know the goals of the Second Foundation we realize that hey, maybe that’s not the best goal. We’re just left with a power struggle between two parties that I think can both be sympathized with. Me, I can’t decide which side I’d want to win – free will, or a utopian society.

So that conundrum in itself is worth the price of admission. I do find it strange that the First Foundationers would be so enthralled with the plan, yet rebel against an integral portion of it (The Second Foundation). From a human point of view, I understand the rebellion, but I’m really not sure it fits the character of the citizens of this world.




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