Posted by: Andy | April 11, 2008

publicly funded Muslim school in Minnesota?


I shouldn’t even have to point out that I have nothing against Muslims, but religion should have nothing to do with American schools. We went through allllllll that hooplah about standard “American” Christian prayer in schools…and we’re letting them force the entire student body to partake in religious activities on school grounds?

And, my opinion in general is that massive religious indoctrination does not lead to good things. See: The Middle East in general.

Really all they have to do is privatize the school and charge though.

I remember reading several stories about the increasing # of Muslim schools in the UK and some of the issues encountered. Unfortunately I haven’t been tracking them.

Here are two I just found at random: 1 2

You know, this makes me wonder what all the Christian fundamentalists will be saying in about 20 years when/if we start getting significant #s of Muslim fundamentalists. They are going to have to restructure their whole rhetoric of fighting for religious allowances in school & society. That is, unless they acknowledge the Muslim fundies as equals. Which I don’t think they should do because at least “our” fundamentalists aren’t FUCKING SUICIDE BOMBERS.  Prrrooobably because the Christian afterlife isn’t conceptualized as rewarding suicide, or suicide bombing….



  1. nice. good point about the whole “fundamentalists wanting religious freedom in schools” thing. At least the end of the earth will be entertaining to watch at first.
    Speaking of which (not really)- have you read The Road by Cormac McCarthy? It may be up your proverbial alley.


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