Posted by: Andy | April 15, 2008

cd review: Sun Kil Moon – April

Sometimes it’s good to not pay attention to media (not that I’d know what media to look at for release dates) – I love stumbling on a new record by a band I really like. Which happened this Thursday when I was walking back from lunch and decided to poke my head in the door (literally) @ Everyday Music on Burnside & eyeball the new release list. Lo and behold – new Sun Kil Moon! Awesome.

I find it amusing that a “quiet” album needs to be turned up to be appreciated, but that is the case with this album – a lot of the sonic nuance is really lost in “quiet” listening.

It’s a “double album” of sorts – at least it is packaged that way and comes with a second cd with 4 alternate versions of albums tracks. This seems a little strange, as most would just tack those tracks on the end of the album and save on the packaging (although it was only $13 new – that’s pretty cheap for a “trendy” artist!). I’m thinking it’s just a thematic/concept thing as they didn’t want it to affect the natural flow of the album, and I can appreciate that.

Anyway, you shouldn’t be expecting the spectacular on Kozelek/RHP/SKM album, and you won’t find it here. What you will find is the expected expansive and beautifully mellow arrangements. This album in particular seems to evoke images of desert flowers…long drives, pale flowers rustling in the wind, tumbleweeds, all that. Not sure why. Probably just because I was thinking about deserts anyway.

The songs on this album also seem less distinctive than previous ones (I know that’s not saying much!), as none of them have really stuck in my head yet after several listens.  Nonetheless, it is still great mellow music, and it fills a room (or car, if it won’t put you to sleep) nicely.  Jen reminded me of how we used to go to sleep to the old RHP albums when we lived in this TINY ass apartment in Santa Barbara (I think on San Remo drive somewhere around here), where we could hear the fucker next door snoring LOUDLY through the wall all night almost every night.  Wow, did that suck.  I had almost safely forgotten it when she reminded me.



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