Posted by: Andy | April 15, 2008

demons and the “R” rating

Moviehole has an interview up with Keanu here.  Lots of stuff there blah blah don’t care. AH HAH!  What I do care about is this money quote:

I’m cheesed they’re not doing a ‘’Constantine’’ sequel
I know; me too. We got killed by having an R-rating [on the first movie]. You can watch Lord of the Rings and see trolls and stuff getting axed apart, and blood everywhere, and we don’t even have any blood in Constantine. We said [to the ratings board] “But we don’t even have any blood?” You know what they come back with? “But trolls and dwarves aren’t real, Demons are real – you can’t blow them up”. But yeah, I’m just bummed about that, because I really enjoyed playing that role.

Emphasis mine.

Seriously?  Demons are real?  This from the MPAA?  Wow, good to know we’ve got some real even thinkers looking out for our children.  (Not that kids don’t get into R movies anyway, but in general it seems that the R rating is the kiss of death for certain films)

Now look…maybe you believe in demons, but that’s a far cry from saying “demons are real” and then basing your judgment about this concrete event (ie what children get to watch) on the assumed reality of your beliefs.  Leave that up to the parents of the individual children.  I would have never thought “Hollywood” and George Bush would have so much in common.

Side note: Do they believe that the specific demons from the movie are real?  That’s kind of stupid, even for an extreme believer – they are quite obvious expansions on Christian mythology.  Also, using this logic, shouldn’t movies with angels (because they are real too) too be “R” rated?  Angels in the Outfield anyone?  That movie with Nicholas Cage…whatever it was called, you get the picture.

Side note 2: Yes,  I also notice the awkwardness of his quote – the bit about blowing them up comes off kind of confusing and I’m not sure what he was going for.


  1. Have you seen This Film In Not Yet Rated?

  2. No, but it’s definitely on my list. I mean, I’m aware that the whole process is bullshit, but this is one of the stupider things I’ve heard.

  3. Oh, it gets pretty stupid.

  4. The funny thing is that people assume the only people with beliefs or, correction, the only people trying to influence the beliefs of others are “scary” Christians. Cute.

    Secondly, I wouldn’t euphemize by saying “I believe demons are real” either. You can infer that it’s my belief by the fact that it’d be coming out of my mouth. So, yeah, that’s probably where the guy got “are”.

  5. Oh, and Constantine is hands down one of the most awesome movies of my life. Though, for the record, it’s Catholic mythology, not Christian.

  6. re: Catholic vs. Christian: While I concede that in general, Catholic mythology is much richer, in this case I was just talking about angels & demons, which falls under both umbrellas.

    The sad thing I don’t actually remember much about the movie at all – other than some kind of fight in a pool or something at the end and a hermaphrodite angel. I think I thought it was at least decent though.

    I don’t have any problems with people believing in angels/demons, I just have a problem with that being a valid criteria for judging movie ratings (although, as Josh implied, there are probably even stupider ones). Also, were I to believe in either, I would rather my children see movies with them than with people/people-like things getting all mangled and bloody (not that I’m not going to show the kids LotR…I’m just saying! 😉 ).

  7. The angel was androgynous, not a hermaphrodite! Hahah, it was that hideous and amazing actress who just won an Oscar; she played Gabriel.

    Personally, I’d rather have my children watch things intended for children. Although, Ezra does love him some Squidbillies: “You been stalked by a man this day!”


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