Posted by: Andy | April 16, 2008

things people search for to find me

I love blog stats!

So far today:

donkey porn 5
importance of being andy 2
who wrote what on the con tegan or sara 1
how to attract a white guy if your black 1
“minnesota muslim school” 1
tight pants 1
men in tight pants 1
foundations books review 1
guy with tight jeans 1
guys don’t like me 1

The first one is a given of course.

#2 – That’s cool, at least 2 people were looking for me specifically. Woot!

#3 – I actually get that one fairly frequently, maybe I should post the answers to that question specifically. I pretty much spell it out in my review here, but I suppose I could be explicit. I’ll edit the post I guess.

Here’s a 90 day summary:

2008-01-17 to Today

Search Views
donkey porn 134
garfield minus garfield 56
donkeyporn 13
dankey porn 13
porn donkey 9
tijuana bible 7
wonderful things in the world 6
zain@home 6
privilege meme 6
green day dookie 6
emo violence in mexico 6
silverman vs kimmel 6
men in tight pants 6
primary key importance 5
bettye lavette let me down easy 5
diablo 2 hellgate 4
the most wonderful things in the world 4
new amerykah reviews 4
guys in tight pants 4
“garfield minus garfield” 4
“privilege meme” 3
something 3
coh psi blasters 3
the most wonderful thing in the world 3
joe christmas 3
emo mexico 3
some of the most wonderful things in the 3
books 3
crazy terrorist writing 3
andy <> onefinemess 3
emo violence mexico 3
lifter puller 3
wordpress album 2
new amerykah review 2
importance of stop signs 2
donkey donkey porn 2
silverman vs. kimmel 2
dragonrealm knaak 2
guy tight pants 2
joe strummer global a go go 2
wanted comic 2
importance of primary keys 2
foundation book review 2
positive,net 2
omega psi phi 2
mendoza line – 30 year low 2
wounderful things in the world 2
silverman kimmel 2
titan quest sequel 2
muslims are crazy 2

Fucking donkeys are overrunning my blog!! I like how 13 of them were so eager to ???? (beat off to donkeys??) that they couldn’t even spell it right. Oh well, hits are hits I suppose.

I’m a little weirded out by the 6 searches for “zain@home” though. It must be someone’s email address.

I am encouraged by the number of people looking for wonderful things – go go gadget happiness!

Of course, what is not clear is if these are WordPress internal searches, google searches, both, or what.



  1. So how DO you attract a white guy if you’re black? Would an interest in donkey porn do the trick?

  2. Dude. Who doesn’t know how to spell donkey??

  3. That cracks me up. Thanks for sharing

  4. I really hope it’s someone’s email address too. For their sake.

  5. I’ve had people find me by looking for one of my sisters. I LOVE HOW DONKEY PORN IS A HUGE TAG ON YOUR PAGE!!

  6. How about people finding me by looking up “understandingness”….funny for sooo many reasons. But…mostly it’s a reference to Adult Swim’s Home Movies.

  7. Ahh, but your understandingness of such things as donkey porn is legendary! How could they not seek it out.

    Huh, we gotta get that tag sized down. It should only apply to 2 posts I don’t know why it’s so effing huge. Well, ok I do, it’s probably because I just started using the tagging feature.

  8. I haven’t even seen donkey porn! After the pony show clip… I… didn’t see any reason to continue. Living.

    Yeah, I have used all of three tags… I figured categories were more important for regular readers/perusers, no? Iunno.

  9. OMG, someone found me by putting “what do you think of the name Chastity”!! That’s at least half your fault!!

  10. OK…umm, how? I don’t remember mentioning that awful name.

    Tags are pretty trendy these days, and I think people actively “tag surf” as opposed to “category surf”, but I don’t really know. Categories always made more sense to me so I used them. There is an option to copy all your categories to tags though under category management.

    There I edited some old posts at random, now Portland is bigger than DP!

  11. Because your comment says “Chastity is an awful name” or “I always thought etc”, which is probably why their search brought up my entry, silly lamb-chop.

  12. And. You cheat for the Portland thing. Although I think I will go copy all my categories to tags and see if I can break my record of daily views.

  13. Wellllll “Portland” is definitely something people would tag-surf for, so I wanted that in there. I also had it as a category to start with.

    Just blog about Santa Cruz, or tag that on your relevant posts and you’ll probably get more local lurkers.

    I also have my site listed on an aggregator of Oregon blogs ( I think) – maybe there is something like that for Santa Cruz?

  14. Better yet, …how do you undo the category converter.

  15. Use the tag editor to delete tags maybe?

  16. Wouldn’t I have to go back and retag everything then??

  17. I mean assign categories.

  18. Hi, Check out the photos of my new emo hair

  19. dude, I REEEEEALLY want to click on Emoboy’s new emo hair pictures, but i know I shouldn’t. Damnit!

  20. I should delete that shouldn’t I? It’s awfully spammy.

    [Edit: Mmm, he posted the same exact thing on another post, spammed and killed. What a strange bot.]


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