Posted by: Andy | April 20, 2008

April links

OK, one of them is from Feb or March, but here’s some random links I’ve been squirreling away for today (which is, surprisingly, not a rainy day).

CBR has a nice interview up with Terrance Howard about Iron Man.

The mind-reading machine article you’d have to be hiding under a rock to have missed.

Two funny best-of-Craigslist posts.

Some interesting political/commentary graffiti from the UK.

Another incident to file in the “crazy fundamentalist Muslim” box. This is one of the rare situations where the man in question would have been killed here instead of there. Fucking foul.

Very cool National Geographic mini-site with pictures from all around China.

An amusing web quiz who made these pictures, an artist or an ape? I think I actually got 100% on this one.

Wired’s Top 10 Amazing Chemistry Videos. Some of them are pretty cool indeed.

Just when you thought the cannibals were keeping their shit on the dl, something like this happens.

Here’s a youtube clip of Obama talking about 04/16s debates. Grace under fire, I like that.

A very entertaining flickr set about one man’s dream of getting his letter to the undeliverable mail office.

More weird Catholic rituals. I don’t think these are sanctioned by the pope though… (Yes, they drive the nails through the flesh, it’s not fake).

Suicides get more and more creative (or cops get dumber and dumber?).

An entertaining blog from a taxi dispatcher.



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