Posted by: Andy | April 23, 2008

I hope he’s teething…

because poor Z has been a bit despondent lately. Not to mention he teased us with a week of good sleeping, and is now back to horrible, multi-waking sleep. We put him in the bed with us last night because he was waking so much, and he proceeded to wake us with him all night. Poor little guy. He’s moving around in his sleep much more too – frequently crawling/squirming forward and smushing his head against things until it wakes him up.

He had a decent fever Monday night/all Tuesday too, but happily that seemed to have come down by this morning. Now I know doctors will tell you fevers have nothing to do with teething but I have seen/heard from enough people saying their kids had light fevers during teething to doubt that “professional wisdom” and suspect/hope (maybe just because I don’t want him to be sick!) that is what our little guy is going through.

Of course he did throw up *once* Monday night, but I really think it was just because he overate and then got a little shook up. We’ll find out I guess if those pearlies start finally poking through, or if he proceeds to decorate daddy’s shoulders with more dinner.

He’s getting really close to walking too – he can stand up on his own (but does it rarely), and stands up by pulling himself up on other things all the time. He’s also recently started doing the sidewalking thing where he shuffles along while holding onto whatever.

It’s all very adorable.



  1. I’ve decided this all ranks as an emergency and requires my presence. Immediately.

  2. OK, my hopes were unfulfilled, he’s sick. He had to go home from daycare halfway through yesterday, and isn’t allowed back today (so we’re each taking half-day off to watch him).

    Poor little guy.

  3. He’s chatting up a storm right now…I think he’s “reading”. He’s turning the pages and mumbling a lot. So precious it burns!

  4. It is, indeed. I’m watching through the window.


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