Posted by: Andy | April 27, 2008

It was sunny yesterday!

…and it’s still not raining today.

Weather people be damned!  Today’s forecast was for rain.  Silly weatherpeople, I want your jobs.

So, I said I would post some pictures.  Well, Jen already posted some of them…so uh, here’s a big sign.

It’s uhh…yellow, and it tells you where Tillamook cheese lives.  Right across the street was a really shitty looking seafood restaurant that I suppose I should have photographed as well.

Re: The photo of the church signs in Jen’s blog – that town has 4400 people FYI.  Which I suppose would make for an average congregation size of about 230.   Assuming everyone in town attends.  Anyone know how many tithes you need to keep a church going?

I’m just curious.  Because 19 churches for 4400 people may not actually be that many (deities know there was this one spot in Goleta that had a fuckload of  large churches, I always wondered how they filled them all), but that sign sure makes it look like a lot.

So what else…oh yeah! We bought some jerky from a little shop run out of a little RV & a freight trailer along the side of the road just out of the Tillamook forest (or whatever it’s called).

This is what it looked like, from a distance.

They were selling handy wooden…things too.  We weren’t that hungry though so just stuck with some jerky.

The lady was nice and said they own 20 acres which I guess includes this spot right here – but they live on the other side somewhere.

I will say it would certainly be a nice place to own some property.  I think I could almost deal with an hour commute if I had a river in my backyard.

Note to self: Have more than 9 dollars cash next time we drive out here.  All the good jerky was like $11 a pack.



  1. *makes smacking noises*
    DAMN that jerky was good!

  2. i guess we missed out on going to the cheese factory with you guys? damn. that’s lame.

  3. I think I called you guys but you were busy…maybe Andy had a show that weekend? Or were you moving? Something. We can go out to the beach sometime!


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