Posted by: Andy | April 28, 2008

Obama on Fox

Not on Vivica A – on Fox news. Which one would be more surprising I can’t say.

Transcript here.

I had originally linked to the 4 part youtube version, BUT the fucking tard that appears to be the only person with the clips posted…he edited the audio tracks so that about 1/3 to 1/2 of the time Obama is speaking, you hear some guy yelling. I’m going to go out on a limb here (NOT!) and guess that it is the soundbite of his pastor that everyone is beating to death. You can’t really make out what is being said, and I haven’t heard the clip in question…but it seems a safe guess.

Anyway, fucktardism runs high I guess, elections bring out the worst in us. Instead of just posting this interesting interview, he had to go and just be an ass. Of course, I suppose the sound clips could be in the actual Fox interview, but I seriously doubt it.

This is really sad, because people looking for the interview on youtube are going to find this bullshit first. Sigh. People.

[edit: on a slightly related note, CNN has a handy delegate calculator if you’re so inclined. ]



  1. Good to see he ended his two yr ban of FNC. Looks like they arent that mean after all.

  2. Maybe Youtube is that guy’s version of blogging. Like… where he gives his opinion/commentary of the candidate. Also… couldn’t the network just post it?

  3. @Ben K: So it seems.
    @Bethany: Quite possibly. But it fails at any attempt for any kind of commentary – unless the meta point he is trying to make is that whenever he hears Obama talk all he hears is an incendiary preacher. If that’s the case, he has serious issues. I mean, I think he does anyway, but you know.

  4. I completely agree. I just know that a lot of people would confuse that for hilarious and insightful commentary. Based on two facts: 1) Anything anti-Christian is enlightened. 2) Most people are idiots.

  5. Well, maybe I don’t quite understand your point.

    The people these arguments are coming from usually tend to be Christians (republicans, statistically), so they’re not coming from an anti-Christian side that I know of.

    Interestingly I guess, the left, which is usually characterized as godless and all that, are pretty behind Obama – and he is unabashedly Christian.

  6. You and I have very different understandings of what it is to be Christian, especially “unabashedly” so. But that’s a whole nother conversation. It is quite impossible to be popular in this social climate and “unabashedly Christian”. His pastor is certainly not a good representation of that.

    Republican and Christian are certainly not synonymous. And since you can’t call Republicans “the Christian choice”, I doubt you could call Democrats “godless”. I think if Cultural Christianity is adequate (which Obama pretty much proves), they could fall on either side.

    My primary point was just that this person probably thought their posting on youtube was a form of their commentary and that perhaps the network/someone else should be accountable for unedited/distorted coverage. ?


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