Posted by: Andy | April 29, 2008


I came across an interesting site while doing some research on North Africa…no the site has nothing to do with that, but nonetheless that was what led me there.

Anyway, check out, and goto their exam room and take the first test (yes you have to register, but it’s no biggie, just so your scores can be tracked & I’m sure they do demographic research based off what you input your background as…).  It’s faces of 18 Japanese/Chinese/Koreans taken in New York and you’ve got to guess which is which.  I got an 8/18 :(.  I was hoping for at least 50%, but alas.

I’m not even going to risk the other 7 tests…I know NOTHING about modern art/architecture/etc., let alone specifically from those countries.

Also unrelated, here’s a random site with information about tribal peoples around the world and issues the face in dealing with the “modern” world.



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