Posted by: Andy | May 2, 2008

Friday links

Well, its the end of yet another exciting week of life – here are some of the more interesting things I’ve found to amuse myself with on the web this week.

Clinton or Obama: decision tree – a pretty neat graphic

CNN has a story up on how genetic information from Africa tells us that the human race nearly died out at one point. Details in the article are really scant though, I’m surprised they let this go to press with so little.

Ars has a good article up on the state of malware & grayware. If you use a computer (which you do), it wouldn’t be a bad idea to read this.

An article at New York Magazine on how we’re wrecking our feet. Or somesuch. Quite worth reading, even if just to skim.

Wired has an article and some very cool pictures on colliding galaxies.

Here’s another very cool Wired article about the origins of the TEMPEST program.  Turns out the government has known about the vulnerability of electronic input since the 40s!

Finding life on Mars could be a very bad thing – and not in the way you think!

That DC Madam lady just turned up dead.  Suspicious?  Maayyyyyybe.  I wish I could remember that politician who died under REALLY suspicious circumstances inside the last few years.  Something to do with missing then being found drowned but he was an all-pro swimmer/rower/whatever…is this ringing any bells?  Interesting, this is the AP story that came up today, now they are saying she told someone she would kill herself before going to prison…with no documentation of said comment of course, but what they do have documented:

“I’m sure as heck not going to be going to federal prison for one day, let alone four to eight years, because I’m shy about bringing in the deputy secretary of whatever,” Palfrey told ABC last year when she released phone records that revealed some of her clients. “Not for a second. I’ll bring every last one of them in if necessary.”

Huh, sounds like she was willing to name all the names of her clients, maybe try and drag the whole house down with her.  And now she’s dead.  Gee, that’s just too bad.

Here’s Orson Scott Card ripping J.K. Rowling a new one.  Good times.

This guy may just be the worst office worker ever to not lose his job.  Wow, I wonder if they ran the semen-detector-lamp thing from CSI over his workspace.  If not, they really should.

That guy who was a whistleblower on the whole Abu Ghraib torture scandal thing is saying the movie/documentary of it is bullshit.  Surprise!

Some 20/20 show recorded people’s reactions to gay PDA – one of which included a 911 call (I didn’t watch any of the video clips, so no commentary on whatever they contain)!

The first superheavy element found in nature.

Slate had a cute article about modern poetry.

There have been a number of comments floating around lately about the pro-Clinton bias at ABC (especially with effing Stephanopoulos moderating the debate!?), here’s a brief tally & analysis/comparison of some of the recent debates which seems to support that idea.

Jack Bauer, 24 and torture.  OK, whatever I don’t watch the show so I have no idea.

And to close it off, here’s a crazy flash exploit.  Note that this is worth checking out just for the link to the vid of the super difficult Japanese Super Mario Brothers.  Oh hell, I’ll just link it myself.  The audio track is INCREDIBLY ANNOYING; I just watched it for a bit with audio off.  Yes, this was a real game.  Wow, I think if I had gotten that for my Nintendo it may have driven me away from consoles forever.  Or at least made me smash it.



  1. Orson Scott Card pwned her. For real, for real. If I’d had any respect for the franchise, I’d have lost it. Luckily…. I had none.

  2. Just read where he mentioned her assertion of the headmaster being gay. Gawd, Orson Scott Card is even more awesome now. And I originally didn’t wanna admit that Ender’s Game was everything Josh said it was. Silly me.

  3. Well, like OSC said, he just wrote Ender’s Game as a setup for Speaker for the Dead :). I’d suggest reading that one and Xenocide; I quite enjoyed them.

    Random info bit: I think he’s Mormon.

  4. He is Mormon. Sadly. 😛
    Yeah, I originally just wanted to read Speaker because I’d read what OSC had said about it and the story sounded awesome and I could relate to going backwards like that to steady the foundation – Josh insisted I simply could not but I must say I don’t mind because I really like Ender’s Game.
    (The franchise for which I never had respect was in reference to Harry Plopper. Was that obvious? Just makin’ sure.)


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