Posted by: Andy | May 5, 2008

re: Juno

No, not the Roman name for Hera.

The movie.

It was pretty cute and amusing, the dialogue reminded me a lot of Gilmore Girls though at times – in the non-flattering, name-dropping, annoying kind of way.

Because..seriously…MOTT THE HOOPLE?  That’s the best you can do?  That kid is into some weird shit obscure music.  And you’d think, since she thinks ’77 was the best year for “rock”, and is into early British Punk..she wouldn’t choose a (glam?) song from 1972 as the first one for her ‘musical education’ of that Bateman dude.  I guess they were trying to show how mind-numbingly obscure the music she was into is (at least obscure to a 16 year old).  Also, let’s assume Bateman would have graduated high school around what…1988? (If he was in a band in 93?)  Is that really a song they would have played at his prom?  I don’t know, someone tell me.

The Moldy Peaches thing worked, at least as a model of her personality and relationship with that dude, but other than that I still didn’t get the impression, from the way she talked, that she would actually be into that kind of music.  But I’m just picking at nits I suppose, it was a cute movie.  Her best friend amused me.



  1. The trailer itself left a cooler-than-thou taste in me mouth, believe me. I’m not sure if I’m slightly too old or slightly too not-who-they’re-pitching-to because although I get all the cynical, marginal (although it’s hella popular…like buying punk accessories from Urban Outfitters), oh-so-hip-to-be-square jokes and junk… sometimes you try to hard not to try. And it shows. Especially the whole Oscar thing. Lawd. Gimme a break. Indi is the new “Alternative”.

    Have I mentioned I haven’t seen the movie? And that I know it wouldn’t change my tune?

  2. If I bought you a pair of golden running shorts would you run around in them for me? With nor without underwear is your call 😛

  3. that’s supposed to be an or

  4. Um…did my comment get lost in moderation?…

  5. No, it just decided your ass was a spammer-ass!

  6. No, seriously. It’s happening to me and Josh, both. How to fix this, please.


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