Posted by: Andy | May 6, 2008

book review: Sightblinder’s Story

The Second Book of Lost Swords: Sightblinder’s Story
by: Fred Saberhagen

This book starts off with probably my least liked plot device EVER – a kidnapping.  If you’ve ever talked books with me, you may have heard me swear up and down about how much I hate kidnappings – because they inevitably just waste time.  Character is kidnapped, hundreds or pages are wasted on the rescue, plot continues.  You always know they will be rescued, so the way is just interminable to me.  I know, I’m impatient.

That being said, there are a few times when kidnappings work. There was one in particular in a series I didn’t really like..the Sword of Truth series I think – there was a very effective kidnapping there as a means of actually adding to the plot instead of wasting it.

So all that out of the way, this book was still quite enjoyable and kept me plowing through it.  Also, like book one, I appear to have either completely forgotten the story, or never read it.  This one tells us how the Ancient One/Wood got here to the future/present more or less, and I’m pretty sure that’s the kind of plot detail I should remember.  But I didn’t.   So I was able to enjoy the information even more I guess.  Still, I wish it was spelled out better – I’m not a big fan of vague.

So yeah, great book – not particularly heavy on characterization (I think I like this school of writing better actually), just the action and the adventure and all that.  It fills a vital role as setting up the main series villain and giving you a little back story on him – in book one he was just a shadowy presence, here he becomes an actual character.




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