Posted by: Andy | May 7, 2008

another CPS fuckup

This one in Michigan.

Nevermind that parents should be able to give their children alcohol if they want (although 7 might be a bit young), but this a was a fucking accident.

At least they got their son back & their lives weren’t destroyed, and at least the people involved admitted what they were doing was stupid.  But it could have been much worse.

You know, you hear these random horror stories, and you know it happens every so often at least…but it’s still always painful to hear about, especially as a parent.

I have no idea what the alternate solution would be, aside from people not being such fucking pansies and  making sure the people that work at these places have actual degrees and some kind of oversight.  I have no idea what’s in place now.

Yeah, so I’ve got a lot of nothing but annoyance.  Bummer that.



  1. Who knows what’s in place anywhere else outside of California but here, you kinda hit it on the nose. If you’re requiring a degree, it probably originally was for a reason. Like the assumption of critical thinking, dedication, consistency… things I don’t think you get from online “schooling”. But those are the people they’re hiring. And throwing directly into the field to use their own judgment. Training simultaneous to work doesn’t make sense for this particular field people.
    They always seem to make sure to tackle the person right in the open who obviously has other resources, barricades, whatever. This guy was at a very public event and hella people intervened and got the story and still the CPS has to try to jump on the doggy pile? Whereas the marginalized kids who no one ever hears of who actually need intervention, who have no one else looking out for them. Those are the kids you hear horrible things about when you get into the office and we’re working on a press release or with county counsel instead of cases. Not too rarely, either.

  2. Hey there you are! Stupid spam catcher.

  3. good thing no CPS workers were in that bar with us last weekend, sheesh!

  4. Hey! Welcome back Meg.
    Yeah..I was thinking there’s a bar in pretty much every “eating establishment” in Portland. So it must be normal to see babies in there…


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