Posted by: Andy | May 8, 2008

man am I desensitized

I will use the restroom here at work rather quickly after someone else has shat it up now. Provided the smell is faded, even if they haven’t quite flushed everything…flush that fucker, wipe the rim with a wad of tissue, throw the seat cover down and 1…2…SHIT!

What’s the relevance you say?  Well, not much, except that there was a time when I could barely use a public restroom.  True, this is not public, and it’s kind of grown on me in a medical/homey kind of way…but it’s still public.

The toilet down here is funny…it’s got this SUPER strong like vortex suction that you can feel almost in your face when full standing up.  And yet…people still manage to take dumps heavy enough that a single turbo charged flush is not enough.  Which is kind of scary when I think about it.  Because I’m talking about some serious flushing action here.  Serious. Like, hold on to your beard.

Those must be some epic dumps.

So relax; life is only happening everywhere.



  1. O_O

    I’m. Glad you’re making progress.


  2. Everybody shits. I love when people say that they don’t use public restrooms…guess they’d prefer to take a dump in their pants or have a turtlehead peeking out all day long. How exactly do you hold it without being in agony all day long? When I have to go I HAVE TO GO. Of course I’d prefer to take a dump in privacy, but my bowels never listen.

    Silly bowels…

  3. My digestive tract is so reliable one could set his watch by it. Luckily for me, this means 9:00 is the magical time each morning, before the vast majority of the Second Floor Bathroom Patrons in my building.
    But still, I’ve seen some things…


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