Posted by: Andy | May 9, 2008

Friday links

More prominent political figures pointing out that the gas tax thing is freaking stupid. Of course, they never use those words

A nice bit on a wacky preacher courted by McCain, who is not garnering near the attention of a certain other preacher.  It does require a NYTimes login (free registration), but you should probably have one of those already anyway if you do much reading online.

Here’s a nice, long read on what sounds like the worst mmo in existence. It’s worth reading all the way through if you’re into gaming, gaming culture, or the weird ass shit people in China do.

Here’s a entertaining read – a West Wing writer puts his spin (it’s a story, not an article) on the DNC.

“Does science make belief in God obsolete?” is the question put to a bunch of “leading scientists and scholars” (and clergy). Some good reads in there.

Is it Clinton or Nixon? You decide – a brief examination of some shady politicking (most likely) committed by Hillary’s crew.

The story about John McCain telling people he didn’t vote for Bush in ’00 has been making the rounds, so you might as well check it out in case it comes up in the actual presidential competition.

In a story I find highly amusing, because I actually remember these guys – the head of the San Diego GOP was one of the founding members of Fairlight! Now, I wasn’t into the C64 so I don’t remember their early stuff, but I remember seeing the Fairlight USA stuff floating around the underwebs. This cracks me up that he’s been so cavalier about the situation – people could seriously sue his ass.

Surprise! If you torture someone they may want to kill you. This seems like a nice example of exactly what people have said (and incited much anger by doing so) about American foreign policy inciting terrorist aggression instead of stymieing it.

For fun:
Nothing like a photobomber for a cheap laugh.

An online friend of mine in City of Heroes found this and sent it to me. Wow. That is one crazy motherfucker with some serious time on his hands. It looks like he stopped documenting in 2003 or 2004 though…hopefully that’s not because he killed/molested/kidnapped someone and is now in hiding/prison.

And, just for kicks:



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