Posted by: Andy | May 12, 2008

how the maple have fallen

Oh, Aunt Jemima, I’ll miss you.

Nevermind, for the moment, all the racial sub&text, this is my favorite tasting syrup.

And nowhere around here sells it anymore!  Safeway was the last bastion of Jemima, but evidently that too has fallen.

I have acquired a contract with an elderly british woman, butteryworth or pennybutter or something somesuch.  I can only hope that our relationship will bear the same sugary sweet fruit that my previous liason with Jemina did.

But somehow I doubt it.  The British are pretty uptight, what do they know about maple goodness?

PS: Aunt Jemima “butter rich”, or butter something…was the best ever, but I haven’t seen that since California.



  1. As much of a food snob as I am, I cannot abide real maple syrup. Aunt Jemima is pretty much the only syrup I can handle (though the berry syrups are great- but prohibitively expensive). One of the many reasons I would never survive outside of California.
    And needless to say, the racial connotations of Aunt Jemima are a huge bummer. Maybe they can just take the picture off and substitute a waffle or something- but alas, I don’t have all the answers. I look to Andy for such solutions.

  2. You HAVE to be kidding! Mrs. Butterworth’s original rocks my world! My mom used to put it on so many things…including (you won’t believe this) bug bites!

  3. @brian: I agree, I’ve tried it a few times and not been entranced. I do like the syrup they tend to have in restaurants that has that weird white foamy layer on top. I assume that is some kind of maple.

    @boggywoggy: Bug bites? Wow, that is weird. Sounds like the Windex thing from that stupid fat greek wedding movie.

    I’ll be cracking open her buttery skull sometime in the next week or two, I’ll report my findings back then.

    I suspect Jemima Butter-Rich will always have my heart though. So rich, so buttery.

  4. Maple syrup is my kryptonite. The smell of that stuff makes me seriously want to wretch.


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