Posted by: Andy | May 12, 2008

this is what we’re fighting for

That’s not quite phrased right, but I’m still really angry about the whole thing and that’s what I typed originally, so that’s what I’m leaving it at.  I think you’ll figure out what I’m getting at anyway.

So we all know about honor killings in Iraq (and other backwards parts of the Arab world) by now.  We know how horrible it is, and we can’t understand how anyone could think that lowly of a child, wife or sister (yes, of course it’s primarily women – although gay men are put to the death too of course!).   We know all this, but it still hurts like a motherfucker every time it happens.

Just a reminder, this (READ THE STORY) is the kind of person the Iraq government condones.  I’m assuming it’s the government because the “police” let him go and apparently congratulated him.  And because it KEEPS HAPPENING.  Hey, maybe they even got him a “I stomped and stabbed my daughter to death and all I got was this t-shirt” shirt.  That would be swell wouldn’t it?   He obviously thinks highly of the foreign soldiers that are risking their lives every day to help “liberate” him, and spending billions of dollars to rebuild support that government which is allowing him to kill his daughter.

MOTHERFUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCKER DIE.  Seriously, I don’t have enough profanity to cover this.  I debated just posting several pages of expletives, but that’s not really going to do any good is it?  I’ve had 6 hours to cool down since I read the article, so I’m mostly ok. I’m sure a lot of this rage comes from being a parent – I cannot understand what would have to happen to someone to go from loving father one minute to stompy motherfucker the next, and have your brothers & sons along for the ride.  I mean, I understand the cultural context of years of religious brainwashing that put him there – but still the stupidity amazes me.  I can’t imagine what must happen to someone internally to turn the love of a child into this.  There many, many Muslims who’ve come out against this kind of thing, and even claimed it’s not in the Koran – but who am I to know that answer?  I guess it doesn’t really matter if it is or isn’t if Imams (or whatever they are called) keep teaching it and people keep doing it does it?  You can’t argue with extremists.

Maybe if it was them in specific we were fighting.  Can we get honor killing perpetrators on our terrorist watch list or something?  They seem like good candidates for Guantanamo.

Maybe this whole war (and the billions we’ve spent on it) will be worth to me, in a tiny personal way, if some US/Blackwater/etc. troops “accidentally” break down that guys door and gun the motherfucker in the gut and leave him there to bleed to death.  Because I’ve got news for you buddy – there are no 71 virgins.  There is probably a whole lot of nothing, but I hope in my hard heart of hearts that there are instead, 71 Virginians (2:55 into that clip) waiting to ass rape that mother fucker with a scythe.

I’m just rambling here, but I guess what I’m wondering is:

Why are we spending so much money to prop up a country that supports this kind of thing? This is what billions of American dollars are going for?  I thought we were spreading democracy and the American way and all that bullshit.  Sure, thanks to GW we fucked up their country, but I don’t think I really care anymore.  Let the motherfuckers rebuild it themselves, if someone sane happens to get power and starts cracking down on this crazy misogynistic bullshit (because you know they feel like their dicks are HUGE when they’re gang killing a young woman)…then maybe we give them some money.  Otherwise, fuck ’em with a jackhammer.

I think I’m going to have to take something from the traditional right wing playbook and say that any country we give this kind of money to needs to SWEAR OFF THE GOD DAMN BULLSHIT.  Or we nuke you.  Or something to that effect.  You don’t have to take our money…but if you do….you’d better play by our rules.  Actually, I thought we had something like that in place, but I guess we’re not really applying the whole civil rights thing over there.



  1. I don’t know if I should bother posting anymore since I inexplicably get spammed but I just wanted to let you know how much I sympathize with your hopelessness/outrage. I hate that feeling, really. It’s debilitating to think there’s something so wrong that you can’t see a way to actually fixing. And a lot of the problem is that people have distorted, skewed mindsets so you feel like you couldn’t set them straight if you tried.

  2. I share your outrage over these crimes, but we are supporting other countries in which they are indigenous, too. I have to ask myself, why in the world aren’t we tying our massive aid packages to such countries to measurable, sustainable improvements in basic human rights?

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

  3. @Bethany: The spam thing is driving me nuts too. I agree. I really have options here and it’s frustrating. Well, I have one option I think, which is spreading the issue itself in hopes that it makes its way more into the national dialog, and maybe becomes something we, as a country, try to do something about.

    @ammani: Are you quoting that book, or are you the author? Either way, the book looks interesting and if I find it somewhere at a good price I’ll pick it up.

    I agree that we are supporting other countries as well who allow (passively or encouragingly) this to happen…and I really that the we as a country should be disgusted by this….maybe as fallout from all this Guantanamo/torture bullshit we as a people will take a hard look at where our money is going. But somehow I doubt it. I would love it if someone would ask the candidates, if they do an open debate, how they feel about this and what they want to actually DO about it.

  4. The STOP HONORCIDE! campaign was launched on Mother’s Day 2008. The goal of the campaign is to prosecute honorcides to the fullest extent of the law. We want honorcide to be classified as a hate crime and we advocate for every existing hate crime legislation to be amended to include honorcide.


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