Posted by: Andy | May 13, 2008

Ubuntu 2 version upgrade in < 4 hours

So a few weekends ago I turned on my almost never used Ubuntu laptop.

It was running Feisty I think…version 6.something.  I just recently found out you could actually update entire OS versions from inside the OS – which I think is the boss shit.  I found the instructions here.

Anyway, it worked almost perfectly.

634 pm start
825 pm: omg linux wants to reboot?
830 pm we are back up in gutsy gibbon/7.10
836 start
1006 restart #2
1010 up with 8.04/heron

Wow, you can barely install ONE version of Windows in 3.5 hours, that’s pretty freakin’ sweet.

It’s a great OS for web browsing and other basic functions, and that was my plan for it…

Unfortunately, now my wireless card won’t connect, and it’s a royal pain in the ass to troubleshoot linux.  No worries though – like I said I never use the thing!

Maybe my next project will be fixing the wireless.  Or trying to rather.



  1. not trying to be a Mac dick (honestly, I’m not) but I had no idea such things took that long. Why’d you have to install 2 versions? Does the later one require the earlier version?

  2. I think the way it does it it needed the middle one as a stepping stone. I dunno, there was only that one option. And beyond clicking I didn’t really have to *do* anything.


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