Posted by: Andy | May 17, 2008

“wreck that meatbox!” or “they have a black section and a white section”

So we met some friends of ours (hi Webers), and friends of theirs (hi Jason & Dirk) at the Soapbox, err Saucebook, Saucebox. Whatever. That’s right – we took our baby into a bar. And rocked that shit. Married couples & wobblers can still party. Oh yes we can.

OK, so we didn’t party. I did have one drink though – a Mai Thai that came with a fucking garden growing out of it (it was OK, but not great or worth $8 ) – and we had some cheap & good food. $1 for good Miso soup & $4 for a burger that Dirk swore was the best burger he ever had. For me it wasn’t all that (and no it wasn’t just because I didn’t get it with the fucking sauce you bastards!), but it was good. I think I’m just not into fru-fru burgers. For me, my favorite burger joint is still Javan’s, with the Hamburger Habit (now just The Habit I think) coming in a close second. In’N’Out is also awesome. The best burger I’ve found thus far in Portland (and I’ve tried many, many burgers here) is at Skyline (Google street view rocks does it not?).

Oh – half the restaurant/bar has the seats/furniture all bright & white (this is the eating focus section I think) and the other half is black (this is the bar/drunk/happy hour section maybe). We sat on the black side.

Dirk would like everyone to start “wrecking shop” instead of, perhaps, “going to town”.

No, I don’t know where the “meatbox” came from, other than my mouth.

No, Z did not order any alcohol. I don’t think they would have served him anyway – he wasn’t wearing shoes.



  1. When are you passing through SB again?

  2. Emailed ya.

  3. i’m laughing alot reading this post. I love that we could be the first to invite Z out to a bar. I’ll hold on to that for some time.

    Wrecking shop is now the greatest term used to get me to giggle. i just love it.

    I love it more when Dirk says he’s first setting up shop, then wrecking shop….

    we worked together again on Wednesday and man he set it up and wrecked it like you wouldn’t believe.


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