Posted by: Andy | May 20, 2008

City of Heroes/Villains issue 12

is out today.

And it’s got so much good stuff:

  • Villain epic archetypes (unlocked by having a level 50 villain)!
  • Lots of randomly re-assigned powersets – from the very random (electric stalkers), to the much desired (/storm corruptors & masterminds) to the “I don’t really care” (fire/ scrappers sans combustion).
  • A new area with a new Task Force and Roman clothing (if you’re into that kind of thing…)
  • TONS of QoL improvements.  Chat/windows are much better now.  Being able to export/import client settings is a long, long overdue change.  Now if only we could get “logout to character selection“.
  • A couple new costumes and a redesigned/streamlined costume creator.

Odds are you none of that made any sense to you.  That’s ok, I’ll quite enjoy it.  I’ll probably elaborate later for the invisible masses.



  1. You still play that? I’m going to need some kind of MMO here in the near future when my rent doubles. Since I won’t be able to afford my wild drinking habits any longer.

  2. You could always find a hooker to room with?
    Or move up to Portland. It’s cheaper here.

    Yes, I still play, and still enjoying it. No desire to play Conan or whatnot. They’ve added so much shit over the years that there’s still a bunch I haven’t done, and now there are a bunch of new combos I haven’t played yet soo…I’m not seeing any change in the near future. I’ll probably check out Champions though, not sure if I’ll buy it.

    I was interesting in Spore too, then I read about their draconian copyright bullshit, so I’ll probably skip it. Maybe play a demo though.

    BoomBlox for Wii looks interesting too.

  3. Hey.

    I like….stuff.

  4. Aww and I thought you’d forgotten me. Sorry about the stupid spam thing. It’s REALLY annoying.

    PS. Play City of. 🙂

  5. I don’t know if we told you (I’m sure we must have) that Josh had to give up WoW because of his addiction. And for some stupid reason I decided to “be supportive” and give it up, too. Despite it not being my problem. *stupid marriage* So I haven’t played Cheyenne since DECEMBER. The hurt is too deep. I don’t think I can ever love a game again.

  6. I don’t think I knew that was WHY, but I knew you guys stopped. Wow is kind of built to be addicting…come try a more casual game…… 🙂

  7. […] love my crab (not that kind!) Yeah, so I previously mentioned the Villain Epic Archetypes just released for City of Heroes. I finally got my first one to 24, […]


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