Posted by: Andy | May 25, 2008

I love my crab (not that kind!)

Yeah, so I previously mentioned the Villain Epic Archetypes just released for City of Heroes. I finally got my first one to 24, which is where you get the choice of which path to follow (there are 2 starting points, each has 2 separate options at 24, for a total of 4 possibilities). I went with the Crab Spider, because the 4 extra arms just look badass.

Here are some screen shots of Octet, my level 24 crab spider. Click on them for slightly larger versions. The screen shots really don’t do it justice though, she looks much cooler in game where the animations are playing and not frozen in a static shot.

Here’s a size comparison of “me” next to a standard npc in starting costume (all soldiers have a soldier style costume in their default slot):

Here’s one with some of the bells & whistles going playing the “no way” type emote:

And finally (you know you’re tired already!), one of her secondary costume, which may still be a work in progress:

And YES, the arms are actually functional. They shoot lasers, grenades and bullets. Just those three things. Nevermind the logic of shooting a grenade out of a curved tube like that – it’s comicland dammit! And besides, one expects the Spanish Inquisition anyway, so it’s all good.



  1. That’s pretty freakin’ sweet, yo.


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