Posted by: Andy | May 26, 2008

Clinton gaffes

Andrew Sullivan has some good points about there recent gaffes & “apologies”:


The reason the RFK remark was so tone-deaf, the reason it didn’t resonate in the same way the two times that Clinton said it before … is that, at this late stage in a six month primary process, the only way for Clinton to win is for something quite dramatic to take Obama out of the race. It’s in that context that mentioning an assassination is so offensive – and triply so because of longstanding genuine fear for Obama’s safety which no one wants to give oxygen to, for fear that some nutcase might feel empowered.

Now, even if all this was completely unintentional – and we should see this as just a very unfortunate slip of the tongue – the apology made it an issue. She owed an apology to Obama but more so to Michelle Obama, a woman who has to live with this fear all the time. And yet Clinton could only apologize to the Kennedys. This tells us a great deal about someone’s character. Clinton has no class and no grace and a narcissist’s understanding of others’ pain.

I agree.



  1. I don’t know if you watched the Keith Olbermann special thought on the subject but he really made several good points, among the above which he echoed. It’s funny because someone told me they didn’t want her to win because they didn’t want Bill back in the White House and I thought I was on crazy pills. It’s…kinda the other way around for me. I feel like Ferrera should’ve noted that if Hillary Clinton weren’t a woman, she wouldn’t have come this far.

  2. I haven’t seen the Olbermann bit…although he keeps getting referenced around the net. I guess he gave her a “special lecture” during his ?closing statements? one night.

    I really don’t know anything about the dude though. I suppose I should look him up.


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