Posted by: Andy | May 28, 2008

Final Crisis 1

…what the hell?

So uh…did Countdown happen on a parallel world?  All the New Gods JUST FUCKING DIED and now no on remembers it/didn’t happen/wtf?  I suppose it will be explained by some kind of life/anti-life thing rewriting memories – I mean it has to be right?  You can’t have a HUGE year long event that culminates in something that is retconned the VERY NEXT MONTH can you?  They’d be setting a new record in retcon size if this is the case.

Other than that blaring madness, the issue was pretty decent.  The bit with J’onn was very poorly done though – this being the main series, something should have been said as to how they actually captured someone arguably more powerful than Superman (and more interesting too!).

There are obvious bits of Morrisonia here, but mostly it’s pretty tame so far.  Like Morrison on vanilla flavored super-hero tranqs.

I’d give it a 3/5.  Nothing impressive, but groundwork laid for something possibly interesting.  Possibly.



  1. hmm, does it really matter how Manhunter was captured? i like that it says something about Libra that it was this easy for him to get a hold of the Martian.

  2. No it doesn’t really matter I suppose. I thought at some point he had conquered his fire weakness to some degree (wasn’t he hanging out with with that ex-villain fire chic for that reason for a while??), and now he’s held by a fire cage?

    OK…I could have sworn on the first pass there was a cage of fire, but now I can’t find it.

    The “killing the badass off panel” is pretty frequently used for the exact reason you describe. It’s pretty much what happened to Orion too, not to mention what happened in 90% of the Death of the New Gods mini.


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