Posted by: Andy | May 29, 2008

301st post: links

I forgot to mention last post was #300.   Wow.  Anyway, onward towards 400:

Obama campaigners encounter racism.  Surprise!

Old white people know the truth about Obama.  Old people know everything – and don’t you try to tell them differently!

A fascinating look at the way two sets of parents (and two schools of psychological thought) deal with their young sons’ gender preferences.

Dang, one of my links and one of my vids are dead now. No memory at all what they were about.

A look at the similarities & differences in the development of Botswana & Zimbabwe. Why is this relevant…well Zimbabwe has been in the news a good deal recently (at least the news I read) in light of their scandalous president elections and crazy dictator type president.

Ants invade Texas, devour electronics.

A truly awesome animated graffit/wall-painting thing. Very cool and worth watching, especially for the bits where the painting interacts with the environment.

An interesting article at the Atlantic from the perspective of a teacher teaching the “rest” – people who mostly just do not have the capabilities for college.

Unwise Canadian novelist goes on steroids as “research” for a novel. Good times follow.

Are you fucking kidding me? We (allegedly) tortured and/or allowed torture for the CHINESE, of all people? How the mighty have fallen.

Another bit of amusement, possibly a hoax – the worlds biggest self portrait, drawn via gps.  Updated: YES, it is a hoax (I started typing this entry before the reveal, and am still working on it after).

A whole mess o bearding.  And people say I change my facial hair a lot…I think I only go through 4 styles at most (goatee, full beard, sideburns, goatee + stache & connectors, soul patch. Ok, 5!)

Should there be limits to freedom of speech? People like this make you wonder. Here in the US, we restrict hate speech (or at least I think we do…do we??) – I’d like to believe this would fall under that umbrella if she tried that bullshit over here.



  1. Sweet. Merciful. Heavens.
    What is going on in West Virginia?!

  2. This is not just to test akismet! I really read that article about the female holy warrior. I am most scared when women begin doing things like this because…well, of what we mean to men. Women are always the indicator, for me, of when we’re really going to hell in a hand basket.

  3. Bah, still spammed. Emailed them back.

    Yeah..supposedly the # of female suicide bombers in Iraq ?doubled? ish (9 to 17) in the last…some interval, year I think. Maybe that’s a statistic from that article I forget.


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