Posted by: Andy | June 3, 2008

85% albums: Weakerthans – Reconstruction Site

What is an 85% album? Well, one that’s not 95% …something that’s very good, and that I recommend buying, but it may have an obvious flaw (1-2 weak songs) or have an irregular flow, etc. I’d say if you can get a deal on an online purchase of an album I put at this quality, go for it.

Here’s the first one:

The Weakerthans: Reconstruction Site

The brainchild of John K. Samson, ex-Propagandhi bassist, it’s maybe not what you’d expect from him (at least me with my extremely limited familiarity with Propagandhi wouldn’t expect this). Very semi-mellow, sometimes each song running a bit too much alikenessintoanother. That alikeness would be one flaw, the other would be that you (me anyway) can feel how some songs come so close to kicking astronomical ass, but then just slip off kilter and still wind up very good, but shy of greatness. But sometimes that’s ok and all is good, things don’t have to be perfect. Flaws have their own kind of beauty.

Here are two tracks from this album, hosted via my Vox blog. Eventually I’ll put another one up when I do my post about songs about pets.  In the meantime, enjoy.  I highly recommend picking it up if you like relaxing, yet energetic post-punk indie rock. Whatever that means.

One Great City

Our Retired Explorer

I’m trying to remember where/how I first heard these guys and I just can’t.  I think I may have heard One Great City on some indie radio show long ago in LA.



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