Posted by: Andy | June 4, 2008

Geek Heirarchy

I found this over at Penny Arcade yesterday. Ok, actually I sent Jen a link to that post and the day’s comic, because I know how much she hates Laurell K. Hamilton and she found it in the original post.

So, yeah. Funny. But I disagree with the geekiness of anime levels. They should basically be reversed. Because someone who insists on subtitles (yes, I fall into this category) is going to be a lot geekier than someone who still calls it “Japanimation”. Seriously. Not sure what they were thinking there.

Annnnd – why are furries geeks? Wouldn’t cosplay fall under geekiness? At a level far beyond just Anime buffs of course. So, cosplay is missing but furries are in?? I guess they could be on a similar level but…don’t furries tend to be uh…you know..sexual fetishists or something? Not that geeks don’t often have sexual fetishes, but I don’t think a fetish makes you a geek.



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