Posted by: Andy | June 7, 2008

yet another house

Soooo…we’re putting in our 3rd or 4th attempt/offer this weekend. The other times we’ve been either too low/insulting or, beat by mere moments by multiple other offers (so, badly beat). We’re hoping this time things will be different but, you know. Hopes and wishes and fishes and what not.

The place is very groovy…it has character/quirkiness flying out of the ass in a good way. It’s fairly affordable too – because it’s a short sale. So, profit from someone else’s misery I suppose. It’s in a pretty good area, very close to what we actually wanted and close to some things we liked before – like the little downtown St. John’s area & bridge/park.

So, yeah, fingers crossed and all that.



  1. Funny how you demons are making a THIRD offer and it’s the first I hear of. Love.

  2. Well, we don’t blog about -everything- ;).

    This is the first one I think we were both really excited about. The other one had some good stuff but was kinda…it was a townhouse. Then #2 we liked but it was a bit far out and pricey. This one is almost….well let’s just say there must be something wrong with it.

    No word back today, so the bank will probably just wait till right before offer expires to reply. GRRR.

  3. Hmm. So the only news I get is what you blog about?!? *unsheathes sword*

  4. Yes??

    Maybe if you lived in Portland…


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