Posted by: Andy | June 16, 2008

Songs about pets

For some reason the other day I got to thinking about bands that write songs about their pets. Probably because I was listening to the Weakerthans at some point. Oh yeah! It was because I was doing that little blog about them…so anyway, here’s the song in question and a couple more.

First up is the Suicide Machines with Sometimes I Don’t Mind, about someone’s dog I presume. Otherwise it’s really creepy.

Then the Weakerthans song I mentioned in the aforementioned blog post, Plea from a Cat named Virtue and a track from the final Red House Painters album (Old Ramon), Wop-a-Din-Din to close things out. Both cat tracks. I can’t say I’ve liked either of our cats enough to write them a song. They’ve been ok I guess…well, Breakfast was really annoying and I really wasn’t sad to get rid of him other than that left Zuri without a playmate. Oh well, Z will be chasing her around the house soon enough…then we’ll see if she still whines for attention! Mu ha ha. Hah.

01. Sometimes I Don't Mind 05. Plea from a Cat Named Virtue 01. Wop-A-Din-Din

Clicking on the pics above will take you to a page that plays them (duh! 😉 ).



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