Posted by: Andy | June 20, 2008

Friday links

Psssst, your whiteness is showing.

Man, they can already snoop on quantum encryption.  That took no time at all.  Like, less than no time.

This actually kind of inspired me and made me proud of California (no, it’s not the gay marriage thing!  But that’s true there too of course).  I never thought Arnold would actually make a good governor…but he really seems to be doing and playing the part of a Republican I don’t mind.  That he’s man/mature enough to deal with his wife openly supporting an candidate of the opposing party is a great example of an American family.  Not saying anything else about them personally, they could be horrible people, I really don’t know.  It’s just very rare for public political figures to be in situations like this.

I grow up and finally accept the American dream of suburbia just in time for it to implode.  Hopefully that “.” should be a “?”.  Who can say, really, but this doesn’t bode well.  I sure wish those housing price drops would hit Portland though…

More studies on the brains of gays and straights.  Surprise (ok, not really)!  Gay men/women actually have brains more similar to straight members of the opposite sex.  At least in the areas studied.  I’ll go on the record here I guess as saying that while I don’t believe 100% of homosexuality is genetic, nor do I believe it is 100% choice/environment.  Based on my personal experience, people I’ve met & things I’ve read, I think that for a particular person, it can be anywhere at all on that 100/0 -> 0/100 Nat/Nurt scale.  There are people who will swear until they are blue that it can’t possibly be birth/genetics though, so this is a nice bit of info to have out there for people like that.

You may have seen the news about the massive plagiarism in a recent video game…this cracks me up because it is so, so obvious. I mean the have the goddam Wall of the Eyeless shield from Diablo 2 as a wall decoration!!!  3d environments aside, what self-respecting serious gamer wouldn’t recognize that?  For example, ANY magazine reviewer who would look at the game.

People will just keep getting stupider and stupider, especially when it comes to overreacting to media (video games in this case).  Of course, overreacting to media-within-media may be a new high/low.

A nice graphic of marriage density by county for Cali’s first day in a post-gay marriage world.

This is probably the stupidest legal bullshit I’ve seen in ages.  Seriously, what’s the point of parents if they aren’t allowed to parent?  Might as well just turn the kids over to the state at birth.

This is just stupid in general.  I used to think the UK would be a great place to live…but now, with all the CCTVs and general weirdness (happy slapping?? for real??)  WTF is wrong with parents in the UK these days?



  1. Firstly, Tim Wise. Good stuff.

    Secondly, I love brain studies. Moreso I love the stats part of the research. I love it almost as much as opening day of neuroanatomy in grad school: we don’t really know how to interpret the brain. Oh and opening line from friend’s neurologist: we don’t really know anything about the brain.

    Thirdly, did you really ask what’s wrong with parents in the UK? Aside from there not seeming to be any?!? Yeah. Good times walking down High Street trying not to make eye contact with the hordes of kids who a) were supposed to be in school? b) weren’t supposed to be drunk? c) probably shouldn’t have been smoking? d) certainly shouldn’t have been doing b and c while pregnant. Alas, it reminds me of the “pact” a group of girls at my junior high made to lose their virginity before high school. Wonder how that worked out for them.


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