Posted by: Andy | June 27, 2008


So, yeah, haven’t posted much lately.  I don’t have a whole lot of time to write, and what I have had this last week was spent working on a small guide for City of Villains – for the Crab Soldier archetype I mentioned in a previous post.

Anyway, if you’re curious about that kind of thing, my guide is posted on the CoH/CoV forums here.

Other than that well…let’s see.

We still haven’t found a house.  The jackass bank on that short sale hasn’t so much as spit on us since we made the offer almost a month ago.

Z has been really restless this week (falling asleep early and waking up more at night, extra cranky in the evenings), I think he’s teething again.  It’s either that or sick, and I hope it’s not sick.

It is FINALLY getting warm up here.  I have a feeling it will get too warm to sleep soon, and that will be fuck awful annoying.  I hate extremes – why does it have to go from shitshitty to toofreakinghot?  Can’t it just be mildly warm.  I love mildly warm, it’s great.  I can sleep in it.

I’m thinking I’ll be going to the MtG Eventide pre-release, possibly all by my lonesome, but I did invite a certain Science Hero who may or may not be involved in non-fued.  I’ll probably blog about it and how badly I lost, but how much fun I had loosing.  July 12th I think.

Z is walking around…have I mentioned that already?  Well, he is and it’s cute as hell.  I’m not sure if anything could be cuter than a baby who’s just learning to walk.  I have a feeling it’s all down here from here (except for a nice bump when he finally learns to say “mommy” and “daddy” and then another one when he says “I love you” and give “real” hugs…that will be sweet).

We’ll be hitting Cali up soon for my Uncle’s wedding, and my family will get to see Z for the first time in hmm 8 months I guess?  Not too long, but a lifetime in baby years.

Then…2 months after that…Maui!!!  Our first ever trip to Hawaii!  We’ve got like… a condo with an “ocean view” here.  Soooo freaking excited.

Onward and inward.



  1. Re: Maui.
    May I suggest the weekly Pineapple Cutting Demonstration every Wednesday from 11 to noon?
    It better be pretty elaborate if it takes an hour to carve up a pineapple.

    Seriously though, that place is quite cool looking, and rather reasonably priced. How’d you find it?

  2. mmm pineapple cutting.
    no wait, i’m thinking of coconuts.
    because it would be worth waiting around to see someone cut that with a knife.

    a co-worker recommended it…it was recommended it to her by another co-worker that has being going there since childhood (lucky regular vacationing bastards!)

  3. May I recommend driving around the coast of the island? Josh and I did so immediately leaving the airport and it was amazing and made a loverly backdrop for the rest of the trip. Oh and that huge botanical garden we found… that I don’t know where it is…

    Okay, three examples of why it’s not all down hill from here, courtesy of your nephew, Ez-contez:
    (1) “You make me so happy!” – Yes. That’s him talking to me.
    (2) Use of the word “also” before age four. So adorable my head explodes. “I like red! Also I like green, like you!” – when discussing favorite colors.
    (3) “I just love you, Mama.” , “Awww, that was so sweet!” , “It’s dark outside, it’s time for bed! Babies have to go to sleep but girls have to go to sleep!” – Him crying for me to join him in bed. Literally crying throughout though.
    And yeah, #3 was more than that but he says this stuff all day everyday! Now close your eyes and imagine it’s Zain.



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