Posted by: Andy | July 3, 2008

DIABLO 3!!!!!!!!

Diablo 3!!Diablo 3!!Diablo 3!!Diablo 3!!Diablo 3!!!!!11111!!red111!!!meat!!!!

Seriously.  Wow.

It snuck up on me.

You know, I dared hope in the furthest recesses of my soul that possibly the greatest pc game ever made would someday see a sequel.  You know, before my hair & teeth fall out.

Finally!! Of course, now it’s just a year of waiting…I wish they’d waited another 6 months to announce it at least, but this is the way of modern gaming: multi-year pre-announcements, “developer diaries”, months/years of delays, etc.  Still, Starcraft 2 AND Diablo 3?  Wow, it’s going to be a banner few years for gaming.

I may finally quit City of Heroes.  Seriously, if anything could pull me away it’s the awesomeness that could be a new Diablo (not to mention I’ll save some money every month since it’s free to play online…well, hopefully anyway!).  Check out the gameplay videos; it looks gorgeous and lush!!  All without giving up that 3d-isometric viewing angle (or whatever the technical name is).  I can’t stand 1st person style games for the most part – MMOs are a rare situation where I can stomach it, and I play zoomed back out and above if the camera allows it (or don’t play the game at all).


Here’s a post on the D3 forums going over the posted video in great detail.

EDIT2:  Some comic reactions from around the web.

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  1. I think the biggest draw card will being able to play a decent RPG multiplayer without having to pay a continual fee to do so 🙂

    I cant wait for it to come out.

    Any way feel free to download the Trailer from here

  2. This is so last week.

  3. I know. I don’t read any gaming news because…what games do I care about? Hah. Sigh, now the waiting…

  4. Yeah, better pony up for another 2-3 years of waiting on that one too!

  5. I know…I know..I wish they’d stop with the early info release. At least SC2 is probably inside a year, then that will distract for a while.

  6. Cool! – here is announce in Russian


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