Posted by: Andy | July 6, 2008

Saturday drive

Yesterday we drove out to Astoria.

Because, you know it’s a cute little beach town (or it could be…) and we thought it would be fun to cruise around out there.  Oh, and it was sort of sunny and potentially sunny…but that was a big fat FAIL of course.  No sun for you!  Just crappy drizzle.  But we went anyway.

I put some pics up at our flickr site.

There really didn’t seem to be much to the town…I hope there was more around “the corner” (past the bridge onramp), because we still haven’t made it past that corner, and I have a feeling there must be more out there than the we saw.

They did have a pretty good size comic & geek store, which we checked out for kicks.  Not much in the way of back issues for a shop that size though.  They also have a (still functional) JC Penney (see last pics in set)!  Wow, flashback to early 90s please.  OK, I take that back, keep the early 90s as far away from me as you can.  Especially my hair :

Hopefully the other party in this photo doesn’t mind me posting it…it’s the only one I have from that time frame and cutting yourself out of photos is so cliche.  Plus …check out that look on his face.

This photo is the only one of me that almost made it into the jr high yearbook, and was given to me by someone in yearbook who found it in the trash pile or whatnot.



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