Posted by: Andy | July 9, 2008

What the hell is up with Sobe lately?

…phasing out all their drinks that DON’T taste like ass.


First they got rid of “Dragon Fruit” or whatever, then “Courage” and the other things in that vein – the clear, actually tasty, beverages.  What’s left down?  The “Lean” shit and the godawful horibble “slime” style drinks.  You know what I’m talking about; the one’s that look/feel kind of like neon milk.  Nasty.

Also, they have (at least around here I guess) phased out their actual “good” tasting energy drink (even though they just re-branded/labeled it) – “Adrenalin Rush”.  I used to at least be able to find this in shady convenience stores, Safeway and Winco.  Now all that’s left (at least this week) is the nasty tasting “No Fear” bullshit.  So I’m stuck with Red Bull and pukey-candy tasting Rockstar.  On second thought, I’ll just stick with Red Bull.  Rancid prunes > taffy sweet pink candy juice.

I’m hoping it’s just a local, periodic thing – but I have noticed a steady decline in availability of both the lines in question.  Oh well, less money of mine that they will get I suppose.



  1. Their weird pink milky flavors are ok. There’s a strawberry daquiri and some other flavor that I find rather tasty.

  2. But do you think they taste better than the other ones?

    All the milky ones I’ve tried have not sat well with me, but I know someone must like them or they wouldn’t keep them around.

  3. I’ve only really had the weird milky ones. Otherwise I avoid them. Oh, no I drank the orange/carrot ones a few times. Those were drinkable I guess.

    Really though since I gave up soda I usually just drink water of some form with all meals now. I’m also going to give up the booze. So H20 4EVA.


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