Posted by: Andy | July 10, 2008


OK I/we are going nuts right now because (among other reasons), the offer we made on a house the other day was supposed to be return/replied to by oh…45 minutes ago!

Sooo….I’m thinking they are just going to let it expire and be really annoying.  I hope not though, because then we have to go through this junk again – we can’t afford much more…but the fact that we both really like the place means that we have to at least try again, even if it is only incrementally more.

Hurry up and respond owners!!!  And respond by accepting please…. 😉

UPDATE: They got another offer after ours and didn’t even have the decency to let us respond to it.  Fucking whatever.  I’m so tired of househunting.  So tired.  But we have to get out of Vancouver…arghhhhh h h.  We really liked this one too.



  1. ah lame! people are stupid-faces. I was getting all excited for you guys…oh bother. I’ll just save it for later I guess.

  2. It’s really frustrating…we so rarely find something we both like, and in all cases they go really fast.

  3. I sorry.

  4. i’m wondering what Jen’s post on bethany’s blog means, you know the one that was posted on July 16th saying, “we got the house woo hoo.”

  5. Heh, see my other post on the OTHER house we put an offer on..that one the offer was accepted and we are moving through the stages now. ..hopefully to be done on the 15th.


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