Posted by: Andy | July 14, 2008

Monday links

Probably not too much from me this week as we prepare for our brief California trip.  So, enjoy the huge pile of links for now:

Legitimate companies conducting DoS attacks on other companies?  Well, I wouldn’t really call MediaDefender a real (productive) company, but they do do DoS!

Random UFO news. I don’t think it panned out that well.  I *think* this is the actual video.

A reader sends Andrew Sullivan first hand info about torture in Iraq.

Anonymous vs. Scientology in the text-less world.  Another random related video.

Can GM make an awesome, energy-efficient car?  I hope so.

News of the foul: 1 2 (Don’t read these unless you’re in the mood to be sad/pissed about horrible things done to children).

An argument against more offshore oil drilling.

A really neat (visually at least) idea for floating cities.

Real snail mail.

Extinction, it’s not just for the animate! I’m not particularly worried by this…hopefully by then we’ll be out stripmining space…or at least have some decent synthetic alternatives.

A brief interview with some guy who wrote a book about Karl Rove.  Interesting if you’re into that kind of thing.

Monsanto corn (one strain at least), shows kidney & liver damage in animal studies.  But it’s ok for people.

Too Human may have some potental but, looking at the class options, I doubt I’ll bother with it.

Surprise!  ‘shrooms may be good for you.  Good thing they are illegal so you don’t have to worry about that.  Don’t worry though, prozac is still legal and the worst thing that could happen to you there is that you kill your family.

This is just funny.  Fox “News” airs altered photos of NY Times reporters.  How juvenile.

Yeah….this shit is scary.  Can’t even keep your headspace clear anymore..just wait until ad agencies get a hold of it.

George Bush edits quotes of founding father to fit his needs.  But this comes as no surprise, right?

A criticism of Bush’s No Child Left Behind bullshit from a Libertarian think tank.

There’s a post on the Portland Housing blog linking to posts on another blog that provide a nice summary of how we got to the current credit crisis.

…and more Bush.  He’s making us look dumb again.



  1. Woo California, woo!


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